Anonymous asked: yooo hey just wanted to say you're super cool and pretty much my most favourite blog ever!

that makes me really happy thank you so much !!!!


dont even bother with a pairing if you cannot plausibly visualize a melodramatic ‘how to save a life’ amv about it. you can substitute ‘over my head’ in a pinch but my point still stands


new meme alert: take any fall out boy song you have, open it in an audio editor of choice and reduce the speed/pitch to 80% then post it

hibiene asked: water type >:)


  • mudkip
  • mudkip
  • mudkip
  • mudkip
  • mudkip
  • mudkip



The Holy Trinity of Emo fetus version

This is who we idolize and look up to

hibi l 17 l they/them and vae/vaer
im hibiya wentz whats a ritz protaq
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